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Position: Network and Systems Administrator


With their specialized proficiency, the Network and Systems Administrator is responsible for systems and network administration including applications, databases, and telecommunications services. This includes implementation, server configuration, coordination with vendors, system controls, maintenance, advance troubleshooting, security, usage monitoring and the development of system procedures and policies.



The primary role of the Network and Systems Administrator is to provide the necessary expertise in building, securing, optimizing, and maintaining the IT infrastructure - not limited to servers, databases, and telecommunication services.

As part of the Organization’s Technical Team, the Network and Systems Administrator should also be able to handle the necessary Basic Support requirements.


Basic Support

  • Analyzes technical issues and perform the necessary corrective procedures within the allowable time period
  • Maintain system security, integrity and availability at all times
  • Sends comprehensive incident and status reports on time

Technical Expertise

  • Makes sure that reports are sent out in a timely manner as needed
  • Resolves Network and Systems related issues quickly and within the Service Level.
  • Makes the needed recommendations or actions in compliance with the requirements of the requesting party
  • Would act as liaison to external counterparts in relation to system integration


  • Must be flexible in handling deadlines and schedules and makes sure they are met
  • As part of a team, must be okay with schedule swaps and extended hours to meet staffing requirements

People Skills

  • Must be able to build rapport and business relationships with peers
  • Must be able to build rapport and business relationships with the other departments and external parties



Education: College degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, or related area preferred but not required.


Experience: 2-3 years work experience in the BPO industry preferred. Fresh graduates with relevant experience/certifications are encouraged. 


Skills and Abilities 

  • Solid Linux and/or Windows network and systems administration experience
  • Dialer system administration
  • Proficiency in using MS Excel and other MS Office applications
  • Working knowledge of MySQL and/or MS SQL
  • Logs analysis
  • PCI DSS and/or ISO 27001 exposure
  • Must be focused, enthusiastic, energetic and innovative to meet demands of evolving reporting requirements
  • Good analytical, organizational and communication skills
  • Able to handle multiple tasks and has keen attention to detail
  • Ability to build rapport and business relationships with colleagues




  • If you want to apply for this position kindly attach your resume then submit.
  • Note: Resume should be pdf or MS Word only and maximumsize allowed is 2MB.